Tuesday, September 29, 2020


As I’m writing this blog, we’re boondocking outside of the Badlands National Park in South Dakota. The landscape looks like the moon and this morning we woke up to a herd of bighorn sheep. What an amazing place. I have to say – it’s nothing like I expected. 


Yes, we are on the road again. We left Fort Collins, Colorado the day after it snowed (see above picture). Thankfully, the white stuff didn’t stick on the roads, but the weather going from the 90s one day and waking up in the 30s the next, told us it was time to go.
And you may have gathered from my first paragraph, we headed to South Dakota. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL STATE!!!

Friends joined us on our travels for a few days. They spent time with us in our RV. Maybe we’ll convince them they need an RV. We can only hope. I told them, “The characters in my books travel with their friends and it works for Ben, Betsy, Rose, and Larry. What do you think?”
I never got a definitive answer from them, but the four of us took in all the sights South Dakota had to offer: Mount Rushmore, Deadwood, Spearfish, Sturgis, and our final stop – Wall. We had to see the world-famous Wall Drug Store.
And it was worth the drive. We spent close to four hours in the drug store, perusing all it had to offer. I don’t know if the others felt it, but time slowed down as I walked around. The store seemed to capture the simple pleasure of life and I wasn’t sure I wanted to leave it behind.


Have to leave you with a funny. Before we left the drug store, we ventured outside. The minute I spied the oversized rabbit – my feet flew up the steps for a photo op. After I’m up there, I start to wonder if there’s a weight limit. Mr. Cottontail is still intact and rideable for another ‘child’.
It’s time I share the latest. I am in the process of editing Book #5 in the Early Birds series. WOOHOO!!! The working title is: We Have a Mystery Birds. It is full of funnies, a mystery to solve, and even a touch of romance. Projected release date: February 2021.


PS: Is it just Ray and I, or do other people take goofy pictures? Share one or two of your outrageous ones. It’ll make me feel better. HA!!!


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