Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Elvis - I'm All Shook Up

I think I promised I'd keep my blog on a happy note, but today you might want to snatch up a tissue before you start reading. Today marks the 29th anniversary of Elvis' death. There's no way I can be cheery. Even after all these years, it saddens me he died. So much life left to live.

A friend called and told me Elvis died. I asked him if he was kidding. He assured me he wasn't. I turned on the tv and it splashed every story known to man about Elvis. I watched every minute of it - with Kleenex in hand. I called all the female members of my family, especially my one sister. I knew if she heard the news while driving in traffic on her way home, she'd cause a 50 car pile-up. She was grateful for my concern for her and others safety.

R and I visited Graceland a few years ago. I don't think R gave a rip, but I thought it would be cool. The 1970's motif took a little getting use to, but knowing "The king" had walked on the same shag rug made my heart pitter patter. My tune changed dramatically when we went out and view the graves. Just a little too over the top for me. I don't even visit my grandparent's gravesites, so what was I doing peering down at my favorite entertainer's headstone.

Anyway, I lived through it and I'm glad I could check it off my list of Elvis to dos. Another thing on my to do list that I checked off was in 1973. I saw him in concert. Only a Junior in high school and in the 10th row (my mom sat right next to me). Seeing him was a dream come true. "2001, A Space Odyssey" introduced him and "Can't Help Falling In Love" he said his goodbyes. The person then announced - Elvis has left the building.

Yes, he's left the building, but he still lingers in my heart. Love ya, Elvis, and I always will.


Friday, August 11, 2006

Tough writing assignment today

This blogging is all new, but thought I'd give it a try. So, please be patient with my flubs.

Today I sat down to write a story about my divorce. It happened 27 years ago. I can still remember all the sordid details, but why should I trash someone over something two decades later. Does it really matter now whose fault it was. Hey, I can admit it's all his fault and there's nothing he can do about it now (HA!).

All joking aside, doing it turned into a daunting task. I started writing and it turned into a blame game and then I switched over to a little comic relief. Now I'm at the part where I need to put down what I learned in the experience so I can help someone through their ordeal.

The funny thing about this whole situation is I've been married to my second husband 25 of those 27 years. Did I learn anything from my first experience? Sometimes I wonder (please don't ask my husband), but I know one thing. I scored a big winner the second time around.

Bye for today. Better check to see if I can find my own blog.