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Before I forget again, I want to wish a Happy Belated Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. Hope all of you had a super-duper time celebrating. And now that it’s June – allow me to extend a Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. Have a fantabulous day!!!
In the almost two years since I received my Fitbit from Ray, I’ve discovered I’m more competitive than I thought I was. And I’ll bet some of you, reading this, can relate to what I’m saying? We don’t like to lose…at anything!

With me, that includes playing pool too. You may remember I told you I signed up for a women’s billiard league the first winter we spent in Arizona. I even wrote in my blog last year about the contest I’d been part of with these fine ladies. But there’s more to the story…
When I showed up to play pool that first day, I thought I’d waltz in and show them the female version of Minnesota Fats had arrived. (I hope you know I’m kidding?)

But, I’m not in the room five minutes, and a woman said to me, “Janetta, we play a different version of 8-ball. Before you can get the 8-ball in to end the game, your object ball has to go in first.”
I’ll guarantee right now you’re asking the same question as I did – what is an object ball? Their answer: “If you get a solid ball in – you have to put the ONE ball in the side pocket marked (1). And vice versa for the striped balls - you have to get the FIFTEEN ball into the hole marked (15).

If I didn’t love pool as much as I do, I’d have run out of the room cussing and screaming, never to return. But I stuck around, and it’s incredible how many lessons the ladies taught me that I can use in my daily life.
  1. I’ve learned to slow my shots down. No need to try and slam the balls into the pocket. As the saying goes, “slow and steady wins the race.” Same in life – what’s the rush?
  2. I’ve learned patience. When a person breaks – the balls aren’t always in the position for a good shot. I have to hit them (especially the object ball) to get them where I can make it into the hole. In life, it’s better when we practice patience too.
  3. I’ve learned it’s not always about getting your balls in and claiming victory. It’s realizing how much fun you can have with others – whatever you’re doing. If I’d ran out that day, I’d have missed meeting some of the friendliest people on earth.
I tease Ray that he taught me Pool 101, but these ladies here in Arizona have helped me graduate to Pool 202. And all it took was learning to play a game I’ve played for years, but this one came with a twist. Guess you are never get too old to learn something new.

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