Wednesday, December 16, 2020

                                                           MONTH OF GIVING

(Details below)

As 2020 comes to a close, you will find me scrambling to get everything done. I’m one who likes to close one chapter (year) and begin the New Year with a clean slate. I’m already ahead of the game and have found my 2021 calendar online.
The other day I filled in the birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions. And because I tend towards being organized, I wrote down jobs I needed to do too (i.e., date to send my newsletter, schedule what I’m working on, etc.).
SIDE NOTE: I have to speak to the list makers. In 2020, I found a handy tool on my computer that screamed, “well done, good and faithful servant.” The item was a tiny checkmark. When I used it, after completing a task, I felt so accomplished. I’ll be implementing it again in 2021 because it’s helpful and so darn cute.
Another activity I will place on my calendar are days where hubby and I go scooterpooping. If I’ve not mentioned this word before – it’s a Messmer expression. It’s meaning: goofing off. One of my characters, Rose Wilford, likes to say, “stop and smell the petunias.”
Take it from me, it’s fun to set the important stuff aside and enjoy the day – whatever we decide to do. Hubby and I love to jump in the car and take a drive. Find new places to explore and take tons of pictures. 

Yes, it’s another Arizona sunset, but I can’t help myself when I see them. I take my phone out and click away, adding them to my other thousand, or so, I’ve already taken. What is your favorite subject to photograph? Kids, grandkids, pets, scenery?

Mine is our pooch. Last year, in my newsletter, I shared a picture of Maggie wearing earmuffs. But the one above is from a few weeks ago. Our friend snapped it, and we think it is the cutest photo EVER. You’re welcome. :)
Oh, there’s one more thing! Since it’s almost Christmas, I wanted to spread some cheer around. HO! HO! HO! Email me by December 31, and I’ll put you in a drawing to win one of my signed books. I’ll announce the FIVE winners in my January newsletter.
PS: In your email, tell me the name you want the book signed to and the address where to mail it. Easy Peasy!
Here’s the list to choose from:
Early Birds (or any in the series)
Pigtails and a Tool Belt
Waltzing with a Grease Monkey
God’s Grace in the Grumbling

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