Tuesday, September 19, 2023


TOWELS, B-DAY & Boo-Boos
(God is in our everyday)
Before I talk about our jobs at the campground, I have to tell you about Ray’s Surprise Birthday Party. The staff at the KOA (and my sister, who was visiting) helped me pull it off. The look on my hubby’s face told me (and everyone else) he didn’t have a clue.
Decorations (as in the above photo), food, and excellent weather made Ray’s 70th Birthday a very special occasion. And, no, he doesn't look (or act) his age. HA!!!
Now to our jobs. I told my sister after the second day, “No one should have to do manual labor after you’re 65 years of age.” She laughed, but boy, did our bodies hurt. Who knew that folding thousands of towels (I’m not exaggerating) and cleaning toilets could immobilize you?
One night, right after we started the job, we managed to get up into our RV. We lounged in our recliners for a good half hour. I finally looked into the kitchen and said, “I wonder if cans of soup can cook themselves?” HA!!! We survived and lived to tell the tale.
Then our Jeep broke down while we were in the middle of working. Lord, this isn't in our plan.
If you’ve ever doubted - there IS a God. He exists and came to our rescue when the Jeep’s steering went out. We’d planned to travel to the far reaches of Maine that day, but at the last minute we stayed within twenty miles of the campground.
At one point in our trip, Ray made a sharp turn around, and our vehicle made a noise I’d never heard before. The mechanic in Ray said, “We have a problem.” He was able to get us to a town nine miles from home, stopping to put power steering fluid in along the way.
A phone call to a recommended shop doused our enthusiasm. “We can’t get you in for three weeks.” Ray decided to drive to the KOA, and then he’d have it towed and get a rental car the next day.
On our way out of town, the Jeep dealership loomed in the distance. I suggested we stop there to check their prices, knowing it’d be out of our price range. Here is where you can key in heavenly music. They could do it the following week, and they also had rental cars. Hallelujah!!!
They fixed it, and we’re On The Road Again!!! Almost…
Two days before we hit the road, we took a hike to see some seals. In all my years of hiking, we’ve never been on a trail with so many roots. We trudged along, missing them as best as we could.
Both of us were getting tired and discussed turning around. I don’t know what happened, but the next thing I know, I’m flat on my back and my wrist hurts. Owie! I’m positive the animals of the forest heard my colorful vocabulary.

And speaking of trails, before we experienced our two boo-boos (Jeep and wrist), we traveled up north to touch the Appalachian Trail. I’m sure I’ve mentioned that I’ve always wanted to walk the 2,198.4 miles. That was until I found out that mice tend to sleep with you.
Yes, I do digress. And we found one of the trails to say we’d touch part of it in Maine. We took a few pictures and could now officially say we’d touched four different spots of the AT and walked some of it.
When we returned to the car that day, a young man came across the road. I knew he was an AT hiker. We talked to him for about a half hour. He said he’d started in Georgia in March and had 100 miles to reach the top of Mount Katahdin in Maine.
I gave him one of my business cards and asked if he’d let us know he made it. Ten days later, I got an email. He’d made it. Congratulations, Alex!!!
Oh, and while we were up north…we saw a moose. Sorry, no photos.


While my sister visited, we all went out on a boat ride from Bar Harbor. It took us around Acadia National Park. The photo above made all of us laugh. Not sure you can see it, but an eagle is on the front steps of the lighthouse. Was he/she coming for a visit? Lunch? Dinner?
All is well. I only sprained my wrist (Thank You, Lord). And during my recovery, we began our travels again. One of our stops was Niagara Falls. It's unbelievable and a must see.

And I can't forget to include pictures of our friends that we visited along the way. 

On September 19, Salt + Sparrow featured one of my devotionals. You can click here to see it. https://saltsparrow.com/devotional-an-answered-prayer/
As always, thanks for reading my ramblings. Remember, I always love to hear from you. And I will answer you back.

Until next time...

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Wednesday, August 16, 2023



(And our usual craziness)
So, how is everyone’s summer going? I hear the shouts of, “HOT! HOT! AND MORE HOT!!!” Sorry, but for whatever reason, we’ve not had much heat. But rain and fog have come along for a ride through Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and now Maine.                       

And when we moved to Maine, we were in for a BIG surprise. They have trolls. Now before you call the authorities – I’m not nuts. We spotted five of them are at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens. As you can see they’re sizeable. The last one was so enormous; I couldn’t fit him all into one photo. HA!!! And the gardens were spectacular!!!

We left the trolls behind, and you may have heard, when you’re in Maine, you have to visit multiple lighthouses. We have and they were gorgeous, but this one is Maggie approved (see below photo). She’s all smiles!!!

And now I’ll mention our other BIG NEWS. Ray and I are employed. The main reasons – the cost of campgrounds and the lack of availability for staying for a longer period of time. Now we have a spot, and are getting paid. We’ll be here until the first part of September.
Next month, I’ll tell you all about our jobs…let’s just say we’re tired pups…
I am thrilled to once again showcase J. Carol Nemeth’s books on my newsletter. Today she is featuring Battlefield of Deceit. It is Book #5 in her Faith in the Park series. And she has some exciting news. She’s a semi-finalist for the ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) Carol Award with this novel. WOOHOO!!! I’m so excited for my friend.  
A diary on loan to the museum.
An old Civil War house on the edge of the battlefield.
Could these two things be connected?
Gettysburg National Military Park historian, Chloe Rogers, begins her research into both: to prepare for a donor event and to discover if it can be restored for public viewing. Chloe and her fellow historian, Clifford Weston, discover a virtual Pandora’s box in the cellar beneath the house revealing more questions than answers. Park policeman, Blake Hunter, becomes embroiled in the old house mystery but gives Chloe cause for concern when her widowed heart responds to his attentions. She’s simply not ready to move on. Is she? When unwelcome things begin to occur, they realize they have to discover who’s behind them and soon. Will Chloe find the answers in a packet of old letters discovered in the cellar? Then there are the unexplained footsteps…

Purchase Link for Battlefield of Deceit is: https://amzn.to/3x8NLIp

A native North Carolinian, Carol always loved reading and making up stories since childhood and began writing in junior high school. As a young adult, she worked in the National Park Service and served in the US Army where she was stationed in Pisa, Italy. While there she met the love of her live, Mark Nemeth, also an Army veteran. They’ve lived in various locations including North Yorkshire, England. Now living in West Virginia, in their spare time they enjoy RVing and traveling to research for Carol’s books. They have two grown children, a son-in-law, a daughter-in-law, three amazing grandchildren, and a lab fur baby named Holly. Carol is a member of ACFW and an Amazon Bestselling author. She writes both Christian historical and contemporary romantic suspense. Filled with drama, suspense, faith and romance, Carol’s stories will keep you turning pages until the very end.
You can also find Carol’s books on her website where you can sign up for her newsletter https://www.jcarolnemeth.com/ Please check out her books. Trust me, they’re fabulous.

Until next time…
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Friday, July 21, 2023


(And a shout-out to a fellow author)
I hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th of July. We celebrated our 42nd Anniversary on July 4th.  And we ask ourselves again, “Why did we pick such an important holiday to get married?” HA!!!

WRITING NEWS: As the picture above denotes – It is Christmas in July because Rekindled for Christmas Eve is ON SALE for .99 cents. If you haven’t purchased it, hurry. Sale ends July 31. And remember to leave a review. I do love them!  www.amazon.com/dp/B0BD8ZGMZ5
Another thing I love is sharing with you the funnies that happen to us on the road. I forgot to add one of the biggies from last month when we visited Lexington, Kentucky. While there – we asked Google, “What are some unique places to visit?”
Fairway to Heaven Miniature Golf popped up. You know us, we signed up for that one in a heartbeat. I almost forgot to mention each course had a biblical theme: Course I – Old Testament, Course II – New Testament, and Course III – Miracles. We opted for Course III.
Below are photos from our time there. And just for the record, I lost by one point. It might have been because I was laughing at how they depicted a few of the miracles.
Jesus calms the storm

Here is the sign for the burning bush...

And here is the burning bush.

Trust me, I'm not poking fun at the establishment. We had a blast seeing all the creative ways they told the stories of God's miracles. If you're ever in the area, look them up. 
Since I'm the Google Queen, I googled hotspots in Huntington, West Virginia, and found out it was famous for its hotdogs. I told Ray, and I thought he’d say, “We’re on the road again because I hate hotdogs.” But, no, he was ready to find the ‘best’ one. He does amaze me at times. And it turned into a Hot Diggity Dog Day!
And if you’re wondering, we didn’t drive the RV to find them. We found a Walmart, unhooked, and drove to the drive-ins. Amazingly, someone came out and took our order.
And we got quite the surprise at the second one we visited. We found out that Briana (who waited on us) was the 5th Generation to run the hotdog stand. She told us the building had been there since 1932.
At the end of the day, our vote went to Briana’s place (Stewart's Hotdogs) for the best hotdog. An enjoyable day had by all, and neither of us suffered from indigestion. 
Yes, we finally made it back to Hershey, Pennsylvania to go to Hershey Chocolate World. Yeah! Yippee! Woohoo!!! And two funnies happened (see one in the photos above).
We walked around the store and enjoyed all the wonderful smells on our way to the ride that explained all things Hershey. I didn’t know Ray was into reading the signs along the way that day.
I reached the stairs and went down to the ride, and I’m thinking he was right behind me as I jumped in the car. Then I looked, and he was still on the stairs, behind a half a dozen people, staring at me.
Thankfully, it wasn’t busy, so they waited on him. He made it down, and we were on our way to find out how they make the delicious candies, which they’ve been doing for 50 years.

This month I’m featuring a dear friend of mine from Texas. Her book, Search Light, releases today, (July 21).
In 1942, Women’s Army Corporal, Pauline Lopez is on duty atop the Bolivar Point Lighthouse. Her job: to spot German submarines in the Gulf of Mexico responsible for sinking supply ships bound for the U.S. When Pauline reports enemy activity, the call is deemed a false alarm, soiling her military reputation.
Pauline meets Army Air Corps pilot, Captain Frank Chessher at a USO dance. Frank believes Pauline’s story, but the next time she reports enemy activity, no one believes her.
Will Frank hear her mayday call and come to her rescue, or will she become another casualty of war?

Annette's Bio:
Annette O’Hare is an award-winning author of inspirational romance from a bygone era. Her love for preserving history shines through in her novels. Drawing on her background in drama and comedic sketch writing, Annette desires to reveal the love of God to her readers while hopefully giving them something to smile about. She and her husband, Dan, live in Southeast Texas and enjoy spending time with family, RVing, and saltwater fishing.

Links to everything you ever wanted to know about Annette. LOL!!
On The Web:      www.annetteohare.com
On Amazon:       https://amzn.to/3opcru1
On B&N:             https://bit.ly/44dfLbL
On Pelican Book Group: https://bit.ly/46zmY7G
On FB:                https://www.facebook.com/annetteohareauthor/
On Twitter:         https://twitter.com/AnnetteOHare
On Pinterest:     https://www.pinterest.com/annetteohare/

Thank you, Annette. Love ya bunches!!!


Every time we stay at a campground, I put it into an Excel spreadsheet. The other night I typed in where we we’re staying, and it filled in the name. I looked at Ray and said, “We’ve stayed here before.”
Sure enough, I went back to 2016, and there it was. The funny part – the description I wrote of the park was exactly how it looks today. We stayed for a week to catch up on writing stuff, visit friends, and sightsee around the Boston/Cape Cod area.

Until next time…

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“Turning Life Into Comedy”
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Tuesday, June 20, 2023


(And we're having a blast)

I tease that I’m sometimes done with peopling, but this past 50+ days of being ‘on the road,’ we’ve ‘peopled’ all over the country. As the title of the newsletter states, we’ve spent time with family and friends and eaten more food than I thought possible.
Before I share a boatload of photos from our traveling, I have to tell you about my class reunion. I saw (and hugged) lots of my classmates from years gone by. One girl I hadn't seen in 20+ years. We enjoyed catching up and at one point, we laughed so hard we cried. Love ya, Kathy!

And I’m laughing as I write this because I only have one photo from the festivities, and it’s of me and one of my “adorning” fans (see above). Those were her exact words when we connected on the last day of the reunion. Brenda, you’re a sweetheart!!!

STOP THE PRESSES - While on the topic of my books. Some of mine are ON SALE until the end of June. You can get Pigtails and a Tool Beltwww.amzn.to/2XogownWaltzing with a Grease Monkeywww.amzn.to/3hJfJAL , and/or God's Grace in Our Grumblingwww.amzn.to/35dG6dG for .99 cents. You can also get the Early Birds Adventures (5-book series) for $2.99: www.amzn.to/2GsgehA

Now back to my monthly newsletter! Next stop: Family in Mississippi and more FOOD:

My brother and sister-in-law (above photo) told us about Ground Zero in Biloxi, and its association with Morgan Freeman, so we had to give it a try. What a kick. We didn't get to see the renowned actor but spending time with family put smiles on all of our faces.  
Onward to Alabama for more family and a stopover to see a writing friend (more on that in a bit). We spent a week with my sister, niece, and nephew-in-law. Of course, our time together included game playing and food. Are we seeing a theme yet? HA!!!

And as I said, while in Alabama, my sis and I visited Jo Huddleston. You might remember her from a few months ago. I featured her last book, Fascination, in my April Newsletter. We spent the afternoon chatting about all things writing related.


Now to the 'interesting' places we've dined at or stayed on our journey. The first photo (above) is Sam's, an eatery in Rome, Georgia. Unique building with planes sticking out of it. Great burgers, by the way!

The second photo is at the Wildside Winery, where we stayed one night. I took this picture on our walk after enjoying a tasting. Loved the artwork. They're outside Lexington, Kentucky, if you ever get that way. 

The third photo is a campground we parked at in Kentucky. I'm almost certain you heard one or both of us screaming on the way into it. And from now on, we'll read reviews before heading to RV Parks. Wowzer!!! The last mile was a one-lane road with trees on both sides. Prayer became our friend. But, hey, we experienced the Kentucky River up close and personal. Oh, and we loved the campground, just not the road getting there. 


The crowning touch of our time in Kentucky was meeting my author friend and her hubby. Hallie Lee and I hit it off online a few years ago, and if you haven't read her Shady Gully books (3-book series), you should. 

PS: If you're still reading - I had to include the Buc-ee's blowup at the top of the newsletter. We've sure seen tons of their stores in our travels. And we always have to stop!!!

How about you??? Where are you going this summer???

Until next time…

Janetta Fudge Messmer - Author of Christian Comedy/Romances
“Turning Life Into Comedy”
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Tuesday, May 23, 2023


(And it includes two fun, new pastimes)
We’re officially ON THE ROAD AGAIN!!! There are sites to see and miles to cover this summer. And as my subtitle states – we’ve found two new pastimes in the short time traveling in 2023.
The first pastime started when we drove out of our RV Park. I have no idea why, but I picked up my phone and clicked on “create a reel” on Facebook. I aimed it out the front window of the RV and told the audience what we were doing.
They heard my voice but saw Maggie sitting in the front window. I posted it and called it a day. As I’ve said many times, funny stuff just shows up around Ray and me. In this case, I had to help the humor along.
As of today, we’ve done EIGHT reels and one of them has over 300,000 views. We find this unbelievable!!! Never in my (or Ray’s) life would we have imagined that we’d garner so much attention from sharing our RV adventures. STAY TUNED…
Next up is our other new pastime. I’m calling this one: LEARN SOMETHING NEW TODAY. (And it might be a helpful tool for you the next time you’re playing a trivia game).


In Florence, Arizona, I spied a sign about Tom Mix. For those who don’t know him – he was a famous silent film star. He made 291 movies, but when they started to have speaking roles, Tom’s squeaky voice didn’t match his tough-cowboy persona, so his career ended.
On a sad note, in 1940, while driving his Cord Phaeton convertible, he lost control and rolled into a dry wash (which they now call the Tom Mix Wash). The cause of death: His aluminum suitcase flew into the front seat, hit him in the back of the head, and broke his neck.
I guess when it’s your time to go – it’s your time to go.

Ray gave me a few looks while I filled him in on all things Tom Mix, but as I told him, “I’m the passenger in our RV, so I have time on my hands to find interesting facts about sights I see when we’re on the highways and byways.”
We love to stay at unique places, and most are what you call boondocking (no services provided). This particular place was called Iron Eagle Beer Garden on 290 outside of Brenham, Texas.
We parked our RV alongside the vintage car he had for sale. As soon as we were set up, I jumped out of the RV and took tons of pictures of the wildflowers that blanketed the countryside around the place. Don’t you love it?
And finally, we made it to Houston, namely The Woodlands, Texas, to visit friends. As one of our Facebook reels says, “We came. We saw. We conquered.” We LOVED spending time with everyone!!! And hope to catch up again in the future.
What are your vacation plans for 2023? Please tell me all about them.

Oh, and the Jesus photo (above) is another cool sign that I had to take a photo of.     

Until next time…

Janetta Fudge Messmer - Author of Christian Comedy/Romances
“Turning Life Into Comedy”
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Thursday, April 20, 2023



(and a little kindness never hurts either)

Last month I gave you the wrong link to my friend, Jeri Corbran’s, book – How I Finally Got to Keep the Couch. Here is the correct one: bit.ly/3nsuFdS. FYI: I double, and triple checked it this time. Hugs!!!

Another thing about last month's newsletter, OH, MY GOODNESS. I asked for responses, and I received a ton of them. I’m happy to say the email problem we had is fixed. Praise the Lord!

And since I promised another giveaway – here it is. I’ve drawn the names of those who contacted me, and three lucky winners will each get a $10.00 Amazon gift card. Congratulations, 
Carol S., Linda B., and Mary H. 

Always be kind to your waiter or waitress, and they may draw you a picture of Snoopy (see above photo). And if they’re not an artist, at least your kindness will brighten their day. Thank you, Arianna
Guess I can’t get away from funnies happening in my life. At the last class I taught in March, a student approached me with a copy of Early Birds. She said she’d gotten a signed copy off of eBay.

A signed copy???
I opened it and sure enough, I signed it to a Lauri. I laughed, and the lady holding it joined in. I asked her if she wanted me to cross off the other name. “No, just sign my name above it.” Works for me.

And Lauri, if you're on my newsletter list, thank you for sharing my book with others. :)

Well, I got the surprise of my life the other day. Ray came to the billiard room and said he had a present for me. He had me close my eyes, and when he said to open them – this picture of Maggie was what I beheld.
He’d asked a woman he works with about drawing a picture of our pooch and supplied her with a photo of Mags. And what an unbelievable job Brenda did. There are no words to express how much we love it. And as of yesterday, it's framed and hanging on the wall.

I stepped out of my comfort zone and asked the students in my class if they would like to receive my monthly newsletter. I got a resounding ‘YES.’
This got me thinking. I need to step out and toot my horn a little more than I do. So, I’m asking you to share my newsletter with your family and friends, so they can join in the fun and win prizes too.
And if you do, and tell me about it, I’ll have another GIVEAWAY next month!!! How about that?

This month I’m featuring a fellow author from Winged Publications. Please help me welcome Jo Huddleston.

Jo’s Bio:
Award-winning and bestseller Jo Huddleston is a multi-published author who writes sweet Southern mid-20th-century romances. Her stories are inspired by her fascination with the 1950s and love of her Native American South. Jo’s readers describe her as a wonderful storyteller whose books will inspire and entertain you.
Will loving her be worth the risk?
In this sweet Southern romance, Susannah is thrilled with her new independence and doesn’t need a man to complete her life. Yet when she meets Edward, she’s captivated.

Edward’s bachelor creed is to take a woman out three times and walk away. He knows dating Susannah is dangerous for his career goals, but he can’t resist her.

When Edward’s law firm assigns him an out-of-state project, he’s torn between his career success and Susannah. As his fascination grows into love, which will he choose?
Fascination Purchase link:

Jo's other links:
Website: http://www.johuddleston.com
Amazon author page: http://amzn.to/2cfSroU
Newsletter sign up: https://bit.ly/3i2v7cB
Facebook personal page: https://bit.ly/30V6rdh
Facebook author page: https://bit.ly/336Nabg
I hope you check out Jo Huddleston’s books.
Until next time…
Janetta Fudge Messmer - Author of Christian Comedy/Romances
“Turning Life Into Comedy”
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Monday, March 27, 2023


Pesky Issue Solved
(or I sure hope it is!)
The title sounds alarming, but last month I discovered that the emails you sent me from my newsletter were actually going to my JUNK mail. Or, as a close friend told me, “I commented on your newsletter, but the email returned to me undeliverable.”

STOP THE PRESSES! Hubby got to work on the problem and figured out (or I sure hope he did) why I wasn’t hearing from my readers. And if you did comment on January or February’s newsletter, and I didn’t respond, I apologize from the bottom of my heart. (*** see below).
As you can see - technology is not my friend. But Mr. Ray got us back on track, which brings me to the FUN STUFF of this newsletter. It’s time to give away the three books I promised you in my February newsletter.

And the WINNERS are: Renee, Bruce, and Nancy.
Each of you wins a copy of Rekindled for Christmas Eve. WOOHOO! I will message you, and you can let me know if you want them as an e-book or a signed copy.
And speaking of Rekindled for Christmas Eve – I had an opportunity to talk about my latest release at another Cal-Am park in Mesa, Arizona. The coordinator contacted me because their writing group gets together at the end of the year to read stories they’ve penned throughout the season.
I accepted and asked him if I could bring another writer friend to the festivities. And today, I’m going to introduce you to her. I’ve included Jeri's bio below:
Jeri Corbran’s contribution to the literary world is her memoir, How I Finally Got to Keep the Couch (a memoir about a crazy woman’s crazier life). It is filled with lots of laughter and plenty of poignant moments about her three husbands, her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and an array of granddogs. Oh, and we can’t forget Jeri’s countless friends. One she met at Good Life Resort, and her new friend suggested she write a book. And she did. It’s available on Amazon.com. Ms. Corbran says, “This book was a labor of love. I am seventy-six years old and wanted to leave a piece of me with all the people I have loved. She is working on a fiction book, hoping to publish it in 2024. 


Jeri and I became friends four years ago, and I helped her on her road to publishdom. I highly recommend Jeri’s book, and I guarantee it will make you laugh out loud. She is quite a lady!!! The link to her book is: bit.ly/3INcLlt

I finished teaching my class, and I had a blast. We covered everything I could think of concerning writing (story arc, point of view, active vs. passive writing, writing THE END first, and editing).
It thrilled me when my students asked if I’d be teaching again next season. If Cal-Am wants me back, I’ll be there with bells on. Guess this summer will be spent coming up with more lesson plans. Retirement? What’s that? HA!!!

March Magic (and all things touristy)
We've been 'on the road again' (sort of) with a friend who came to visit us. The pictures are from sites around Phoenix and in the park we live in. 

Talisin West - Frank Lloyd Wright home.

Elvis was in the building. We
were 'all shook up.'

Medieval Times. An enjoyable show!
And great food you ate with your fingers.

Desert Botanical Garden - our friend
called these 'Arizona footstools.'

Fun times had by all. Until next time...

***Oh, another thing - I have a favor to ask. Please email me to make sure the 'pesky issue is solved.' You can say a simple Hello. I'd appreciate it. There will be another giveaway if you do!!!

Janetta Fudge Messmer - Author of Christian Comedy/Romances
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