Saturday, November 25, 2006

Only 5 Days To Go!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Sorry it's two days late.

Just to let you know - I'm on the home stretch in writing my novel. Only 5 more days and I'll have over 50,000 words to my credit. A complete start-to-finish novel. WOW!!! Do I hear the trumpets blaring? Do I hear a faint murmur among the angels? No, actually I thinks that's my inner voice whispering, "You're nuts for taking on this task of writing a novel in a month. What were you thinking?"

This morning the voice spoke the loudest. The reason: I didn't write one single word on Thanksgiving or yesterday. I took two days off to spend with my bud. That's right, I put the demands of writing a novel and word count pressure on the back burner. Thursday R and I volunteered at our church making up meals for those in need. When we finished, we took some of the extra dinners to where R works - so those who had to work on Thanksgiving enjoyed a hot turkey dinner. The end of our day we sat around a table covered with a feast. The host and hostess opened their home to those of us who didn't have family in the area. We'd never met the couple before, but made life long friends in just a few hours. Thanks K & J. Friday, instead of writing, R and I went earlybird shopping, enjoyed a midmorning breakfast and then went on a leisurely afternoon stroll. Life doesn't get much better than that.

Today I wrote and whipped my word count into shape. As of 5:00 o'clock on Saturday, November 25, I have 40, 859 words. A mere 9,141 words to go before THE END. I know I'll make it to the finish line, and I'm happy the end is in sight - but on December 1st I'll wake and ponder my next goal. Hey, maybe this year I'll actually edit the book I wrote. What a novel idea!!!!!


Friday, November 10, 2006

Precious Memories

Like most writers, I waited a LONG time (2 years) to get published. I truly thought I'd died and went to heaven when I got the news. No one prepared me for the euphoric feeling which griped my heart and wouldn't let go. Well, people, Wednesday of this week publishdom happened again. This time in my hometown newspaper - The Herington Times.

My mom mentioned the paper wanted stories concerning life in the small Kansas town. I just happened to have one in my stash. I'd written a piece last year after I heard my beloved childhood home had a fire. The blaze started in my bedroom. The room I'd spent hours playing with my dolls, writing in my diary, daydreaming, listening to the lastest tunes or rearranging it to fit my mood. The room I loved with all my heart.

As I sat down to write, the memories of my home and family flowed onto the pages. Tears mixed with laughter filled my heart as I enjoyed my walk down memory lane. When I wrote the last line of the story, precious memories - oh how they linger, sadness for my now damaged home overwhelmed me. It's time of earth had ended way, way too soon, but my family and I would always cherish the wonderful memories we created within it's walls.


PS: I'm still pounding the keys for my goal of 50,000 words in one month. Day 9 - total of 15,237 words so far. YIPPEE!!!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Seven days and counting

Okay, if you haven't noticed, I haven't written in my blog like I promised - keeping you abreast of the exciting life of a writer. The reason: I'm behind in all areas of my life. Let me recap (give you a number of valid excuses why I'm pulling out my gray hair). November 1st arrived and my sister from Kansas City is visiting. She knows about my 50,000 words and encourages me to write to my hearts content while she watches HGTV. I don't (I do the bare minimum and call it a good day). November 2nd dawns and I get a call asking me if I want to transcribe three tapes (I type a doctor's journal for him whenever he gets a tape ready). "Sure," I say. Under my breath I add, "put in the stack with the other obligations I promised myself for November."

Before you think I've given up on my challenge of 50,000 words, I haven't. As of today (Nov. 7) I've written 10,889 words. The book I'm following for this venture, "No Plot, No Problem" says I should be at 11,739 words on the 7th, so I'm a mere 850 shy. Not to worry, I'll catch up on it tomorrow since I finished the job of typing the doctor's tapes today.

Tomorrow on my schedule I've written "TYPE, TYPE, TYPE." Can I do it? YES I CAN! Will I catch up on the word count? YES I WILL! I'm going to kick in the afterburners and get-ur-done.