Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Who knew…
  1. A sound you hear, coming from the back of your truck, is telling you something is all abuzz.
  2. An invitation to play Bingo could save people's souls.
  3. An army of God's children and some curb appeal can bless lives.

    Let me explain:

    As we travel on the highways and byways, we’ve met interesting folks along the way. But the other day we met one of God’s creations from the animal kingdom neither one of us wants to encounter again.

    We parked and are setting up the RV. Ray leans into the back of his truck and motioned me to come over. He told me he heard something, but couldn’t figure out what it was. Since I have sonar ears I listened and heard the humming sound.

    Without much thought I started moving things around in hopes of finding the cause of the noise. At one point Ray said it was probably a tool that got turned on and the battery was whining. I agreed and dug a little deeper to find the culprit.

    All of us have heard the saying, “Bee in your bonnet.” Well our bee wasn’t in a hat—ours was stuck inside a gallon-size baggie. And from the incessant buzzing he was making he was none too happy in his circumstance.
    My hero (Ray) took the freezer bag from my outstretched hand, opened the “double zipper seal” and released the angry bee. Thankfully he flew off to freedom and didn’t return to take revenge on us.
    The question we still have—how did he get inside the bag? A mystery!!!

    Yes, our bee might be (no pun intended) a mystery, but what isn’t is the importance of sharing our faith with those around us. In the case of my second “Who knew…” sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ can happen in the most unlikely place—a Bingo hall.

    That exactly what happened to David and Kathy, a couple we met while we’ve been parked at The Passion Play in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. David and his wife (who were unbelievers at the time) invited his brother and sister-in-law (also non-believers) to Bingo. David’s sister-in-law sparked up a conversation with a woman sitting next to her. They became fast friends.

    Over the next two years their friendship grew and she asked David’s brother & wife to go to church. Within a short time they accepted the Lord. Later on so did David and Kathy. Oh, and did I mention they were Jewish too?

    So, the next time you have the opportunity to share the gospel. DO!!! Four lives are now written in the Book of Life because they went to play Bingo. Location doesn’t MATTER. All that DOES is we’re faithful in sharing the Lord’s message of love to those around us.

    Isn’t that what the Lord called us to do over 2000 years ago?

    And that brings me to my last “Who knew…”. Blessings. At almost every stop we’ve made in our journey from Florida to Arkansas, we’ve found blessings in one form or another.

    Volunteering at The Passion Play has been a true blessing. We’ve met a great group of people who are out working for the Lord. While here we’ve gotten our hands dirty and our hearts filled. Funny what a little teamwork and curb appeal can do for your soul.
    Bees, Bingo and Blessings – who knew those three things went hand in hand.

    Love ya!