Friday, July 20, 2007

Technology Is Not My Middle Name

How do I know that technology isn't my middle name? Well, first of all, my birth certificate tells me my middle name is Marie. Oh, that was my first clue, but actually the real reason I know it isn't the "t" word - I just fought for 20 minutes to get to the main screen so I could actually POST this new blog. Every time I try to write on this wonderful, new invention I have the same trouble.

But, obviously I got it accomplished, but it wasn't easy. When I made my first attempt to get on this time (with the password I'm a 100% sure is correct), it tells me it's incorrect. I try it again, and again, and again. By the time I've tried it this many times, I'm wondering why they don't bypass the formalities and just let me on. You see, I've written them so many times asking for my password, they know me by name. That's a joke, but for someone who is not computer savvy, sometimes simple things for some are almost impossible to me.

Another reason I know technology isn't my middle name comes when someone IS trying to explain to me how to do something new on my laptop. Oh my, there are no words to describe the sinking feeling I experience at that moment. And they can't miss the deer-in-the-headlight look I give them. My eye glaze over after the first few words they utter trying to get me to understand.

But I don't lose heart, I just thank the Lord for the gifts and talents He's given me. They fit me perfectly. I might never figure out how to get into this blog the first time around, but I have enough tenacity to finally accomplish it the fifth or sixth time. I'll not let a little problem with technology stand in my way. I've got a blogging audience to entertain.

Now was that http, or was it html? HELP!