Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I’ve just finished reading a book called Blood Brothers. This is Rick Acker’s second book and a sequel to Dead Man’s Rule. Since I didn’t read his first book, I wondered if I’d be confused with the characters he’d already introduced. No need to worry, Rick mastered his storytelling so well Blood Brothers stands alone on its own merit. The intrigue and suspense he weaved throughout the story kept me turning the pages.

Now let me give you a little taste of Rick Acker’s latest novel:

Lawyer Ben Corbin finds himself caught between feuding brothers Karl and Gunnar Bjornsen. Having built a pharmaceutical empire from the ground up, the Bjornsen brothers are now developing a revolutionary new drug, a neural stimulant that increases strength and intelligence. But its potential for success is rapidly destroying them. Warring for control of the company and the drug, Karl sues Gunnar, and Gunnar hires lawyer Ben Corbin to defend him.

But the case involves more than bitter sibling rivalry. Signs of embezzlement, black market deals, and the grisly consequences of the Bjornsen’s new drug begin to emerge. Soon, Ben and his wife, Noelle, find themselves in Norway where the case takes a personal and violent turn.

Happy Reading,

PS: Oh, before I forget – make sure you hold onto Blood Brothers tightly while you’re reading it. If you don’t, the book might come flying out of your hands at the SURPRISE ending of some of the scenes he’s penned. Just wanted to give you a heads up.