Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Most of you know my hubby, pooch and I live in an RV for a good part of the year. And we’ve done it now for almost four years.

I’m certain some of you are saying, “How have you done it without inflicting bodily harm on the person who occupies the teeny tiny square footage with you? I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have lasted a week.”

Yes, living in close quarters can be difficult. But I think I’ve found a solution. One day I had a thought. Was I looking at this all wrong? Was there a solution to our size-challenged abode? Could it be as simple as changing my attitude in my place of residence?

I believe a change in attitude IS the answer - wherever you live. In an RV, an apartment or ginormous mansion. For me, I asked the Lord for an ample supply of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness and an extra measure of self-control.

Adding these attributes made our journey much more joyful. And as you can see – this advice will work for whatever size home you live in.  



PS: Always enjoy the journey. Yep, I think I’ll adopt this as our new motto. What do you think???
PSS: My new book, Early Birds, is available at: https://goo.gl/qCkT45 

Friday, April 08, 2016


At first, I didn’t think much about the strange sightings I’d seen on TV. Or the date they occurred. But a few days later, I began to think the weird happenings might be tied to me spending too much time on technology.

Let me tell you what happened. Last week, while watching Jeopardy, I saw a couple of odd things popping up on the screen. I wouldn’t call them apparitions, but they were most peculiar.

The first one was when Alex Trebek walked out on stage. Instead of seeing him donned in the well-tailored suit he normally wore, he came out wearing only the top half of his ensemble. His PANTS were missing.


I’m certain the laugh track would sound and Alex would chime in and tell us why he was pantless. He didn’t and it appeared business as usual. The cameraman (or woman) panned the contestants then came back to Alex and he was fully clothed.

I blinked a couple of times and realized I had imagined Mr. Trebek’s missing pantaloons. But strangeness happened again. One of the brainiacs rung in to answer, but Ken Jennings (Jeopardy’s contestant who won lots of money years ago) stood in his place.

This time I rubbed my eyes to get them to focus. When I took a gander at the screen again, that day’s contestant stood there. Ken, he's long gone. Since I’m all alone in my living room when the two marvels took place, I do what any normal person would do. I shout, “Yes, I’m officially NUTS.”

I finished watching Jeopardy and no more oddities appeared. But I did wonder what the sightings meant. In the end I could only come up with one answer to my seeing things. I’m spending way too much time on my computer and phone.

Yes, it’s time to take a break and go take a walk. Meet my neighbors. Tell them about my book (couldn’t resist getting a plug in). After a half hour or so, I’ll come back and be ready to sit down and write again. Eyes and mind rested once again.

However, I still have one problem: How do I erase the image of Alex’s bare legs from my psyche?

PS: I had this blog already written and when I read it to Ray, he Googled “Alex Trebek without pants”. There on the screen were all the shenanigans they’d pulled off on the April 1st show. I thought, Thank You, Lord, I’m NOT nuts after all. I have to admit I was a tad worried. :)