Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Yes, I’ve returned from the ACFW Conference. For those of you not in the know, the initials stand for American Christian Fiction Writers. I’m happy to report Murphy stayed home this time, but Elvis did show up (I’ll cover that topic later).

In some writer’s eyes, my conference wasn’t much of a success. The reason: I didn’t have any meetings with publishers, editors, or agents. I didn’t pitch my book (well there was the one time at the lunch table) I didn’t follow an editor into an elevator and give them my 3 minute synopsis. But I DID have a blast hanging out with all of my writer friends, and making new ones. I DID learn valuable techniques to help my writing. And I DID, for the first time in a long time, feel I fit in. I truly felt the love and acceptance of my fellow writers. Those three things spelled SUCCESS for me.

Now to the Elvis sighting:

He showed up(not literally). Elvis made his appearance when someone asked me my most embarrassing moment. Remember in my last blog, I told you I’d tell you the now infamous story. Here it is:

Hubby and I had the privilege of seeing a display of the Shroud of Turin. It wasn’t the actual burial cloth supposedly worn by Jesus, but the traveling documentary moved me, nonetheless. We read all the paperwork stating the validity of the Shroud, and I went away a believer that the Lord actually wore the grave clothes in the colored pictures.

Later that evening, R and I went over to our neighbors to play cards. We told them all about our interesting day. Near the end of our conversation about it, I exclaimed in a loud voice, “Yes, Elvis lay there wrapped in the shroud.”

The moment the words left my lips, I knew the silence beside me meant only one thing. I had truly said Elvis, not Jesus. What is the matter with me? I looked over at my hubby and Ellie and Jane. Their stunned expressions spoke volumes. Finally Ellie cleared his throat and stated, “Well, he is a king, too.”

So, now you know my most embarrassing moment – what’s some of yours? I’d love to hear them.