Friday, August 28, 2020


Who was your best friend as a child? What did you do together? Are you still friends?
I asked these questions to the participants of the writing class I taught in Arizona last year. As always, their tales entertained all of us. Here is the piece I wrote and it’s another of my get-to-know-me-stories:

My friend, Bonnie, estimates we’ve known each other for sixty years. I say it’s closer to fifty-eight. I’m pretty sure our moms wouldn’t have let us play outside at four years old. Whatever our age, we’ve been friends for a very long time.
We lived in the same neighborhood and when our mothers let us, we’d play outside all day. One such day, Bonnie and I decided we needed a swimming pool in my backyard. I hurried inside and grabbed two spoons from the utensil drawer.
She and I got to work and we weren’t two spoonfuls in and my mom yelled out of the kitchen window, “Janetta, bring the spoons back in here. Bonnie, you go on home.” We listened and scurried in the direction she told us to go.
Through the years Bonnie and I kept in touch, but a strange thing happened to us in 2002. Of all the places Ray could get a job, he got one in Houston. The city where my friend and her family lived. Once again we lived near each other and made many more cherished memories, which included our husbands.
How about you? Do have a friendship (or friendships) in your life that’s stood the test of time? Tell me about them. You know I love to hear your stories.

I’m working diligently on my next project, but for right now mums the word on what it is about. Trust me, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you find out what I’m up to. Or I hope you are. HA!!!

Please pray for the fires in Colorado, California, and all the other states experiencing them. Also, pray for safety for the people of the Gulf Coast with Hurricane Laura heading their way. Thanks!!!

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