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Part of me wanted to touch on the current events in my newsletter, but since I write comedy I decided to do something different this month. I’m going to tell you a little bit about myself.

Yes, you can go to
www.janettafudgemessmer.com and read my biography, but it doesn’t give you the whole story of what makes me who I am - the behind-the-scenes Janetta.

Most of you know I taught a writing class in Arizona last fall. Each week I gave the attendees writing assignments they’d read to me the following week. I joined in with them on the homework. One question I posed to them: What are three of your greatest fears?

I’m positive I didn’t blink before I came up with my #1 fear. MICE! (And the reason for the Mickey and Minnie pic above). Here is the story I penned for class.

I’ve been told that they are more scared of me than I am of them. And knowing this doesn’t change my opinion of them. So you can imagine how thrilled I was when we found mice in one of the houses we lived in.

Unbeknownst to me, our home on Sedge Way was prime real estate because we backed up to an open field. Another lure to our home, we had a dog and never thought once about putting her food in a closed container.

That’s until Ray pulled out the fridge one day and we found the floor covered with dog food. I have to stop and talk about the size of said morsels and I ask you, how does a tiny mouse (or mice) transport something a sixty-pound dog eats?

Trust me, they can. And, Mickey and Minnie can also hide dog food inside of a couch. They dug a hole and stashed their winter buffet right next to where I sat every night to watch TV. The thought of them being there still creeps me out.

To get rid of them, we tried the old standby – cheese. When it didn’t work, we found our mice loved peanut butter. I don’t remember now how many we caught, but Ray was in charge of that part of the operation. All I know, I didn’t want those pesky varmints inside my house.

Oh, and about the dog food. We went out that afternoon and bought a trash can with a lid on it. Problem solved.

Did I mention I HATE MICE? And in my world, they don’t climb stairs either.

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