Thursday, May 20, 2021


The title of last month’s newsletter was Making Lemonade out of Lemons. And this month, our saga continued. But the bothersome blunder gave us quite a chuckle when we found the cause of our problem.
We’re not in our new home a week (if you didn’t know about our temporary abode—read April’s posting), and I noticed a light switch in the bathroom. I flipped it on and off, but nothing happened (or so I thought).
A day later, Ray mentioned we didn’t have hot water, so the first thing he did was check the hot water heater. He gave me an update. “It’s not brand new, but it doesn’t look bad. And it’s not leaking.”
He then got out his trusty voltmeter to confirm electricity was going to it. I followed him outside. Within seconds, he announced, “The gauge reads ZERO.” His words must have jarred my memory, and I said, “Does the light switch in the bathroom have anything to do with this?”

It did, and we again had hot water. Thank goodness Ray is a handyman, or our landlord would have gotten a brand new hot water heater if he wasn’t.
A few days later, I’m on Facebook, and I see a post on this lemon/lemonade topic
People, I’m not promoting violence, but some days wouldn’t we all love to toss a few lemons at the bothersome blunders of life.

I’m inching closer every day to finishing my latest novel. Seems like I’ve been at this forever. The working title for my new book is – It’s a Mystery…Birds. Stay tuned…
Remember – I love to hear your stories. Do you have any bothersome blunders you’d like to share?
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