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Welcome to February, everyone. As most of you know, the Lenten season started the other day. Even though I grew up a Baptist, I’ve participated in the forty-day observance over the last few years. Honestly, I don’t know why I do it, but I find the structure works for me. It’s a cleansing of my soul, sort of thing.
A few years ago, I gave up playing games on my tablet. Another year, I wanted to read a book in the Bible. I laughed when I figured out Exodus was the only one with forty chapters. Who knew?
This year, hubby and I are giving up sweets and fried foods. What are we thinking? It’s all good, and we’ll strive to make healthier meals. And knowing Ray, he’ll find a recipe for cookies that don’t have sugar in them and will be eatable.
I’ll let you know how we’re doing in my March newsletter. Until then, pray for us – our arteries will thank you.
Do you observe Lent? Let me know what you are doing away with or doing differently for the next six weeks.

We visited Saint Katherine Greek Orthodox Church last month (picture below), but I wanted to share one of the pictures with you. An oasis in the middle of Arizona.

As a writer, I found out this week you better be ready for anything. Ray boosted my new devotional on Facebook, as he had all of my other books. But this time, I started getting strange messages from the group we’d boosted.
One man said, “it depends on how close we live to each other.” 
Without delay, I took a gander at my author page on Facebook and found a small blue box at the top with a question that read, “Hi ****! Please let us know how I can help you.”
I love to help people, but shouldn’t Facebook give a little more details in the questions they ask for me. Suggestion: “Hi ***! I’m a writer. Are you interested in learning more about my books?”
Besides the craziness with my boost, in other writing news, editing is going well on Book #5 in the Early Birds series. I finally made it through the arduous task of deleting duplicate words. WOWZER!!!
In closing, since this has been a difficult week for many weatherwise, let's pray for those affected by the colder-than-normal temperatures. I know they'll appreciate it a whole lot.

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