Wednesday, November 25, 2020


HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! And because it’s 2020, we know our festivities with family and friends will look a little different this year. But that’s okay, we can still make memories and thank the Lord for His many blessings.
In this newsletter, I’m starting with Writing News: Last month I asked you to email me about my latest devotional project. Lots of you answered the call and today I picked two winners who will receive a copy of God’s Grace in Our Grumbling.
THE WINNERS ARE – Jane Stubbs and Joan Hicks. Ladies, please email me your address so I can send you a copy of my new book. And thanks to everyone for your emails and encouraging words. HUGS to all!!!

And who knew I’d need your uplifting words. Since I announced the release of my devotional book on grumbling, I’ve done more complaining than I thought was possible for any human being. You may have heard me screaming, “Lord, if this is a test – I’m failing big time.”

If these words sound familiar, and we’re honest with ourselves, this year has thrown us under the bus, ran over us, and returned for a second shot. We’re frustrated and left to wonder what will happen next?

I don’t have a clue what’s next, but I know the One who does. Even when I’m over-the-top annoyed, the Lord gives me His grace, which I can then give to another person. Let me give you an example.

Ray and I stayed in a hotel last weekend. In the wee hours of the morning, we had the privilege of listening to our neighbor’s television. The sound loud enough for us to almost make out the words.

The next morning, any kindness I possessed flew out the sliding glass door. Grumbling and griping took up residence in our room. I planned to share my woes with the front desk and talked it over with Ray.

On our way there, I asked my hubby, “Now what did I tell you I was going to say.”

“You are going to ask for earplugs.”

Those wise words diverted a disaster and calmed me down. And they taught me that whatever I’m going through (good, bad, or indifferent), I can use it as a teaching moment. Thank You, Lord!

MORE WRITING NEWS: Please put these dates on your calendar!!!

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