Tuesday, March 10, 2020


Okay, I know the last part of my title doesn’t start with an ‘H’ word, but humor me for a moment. :) 

Maggie is rooting for my team!

What about them Kansas City Chiefs? Wherever you live in the USA, you probably heard me screaming. Oh. My. Goodness. All I ask next year; can they win without causing my heart to skip more than one beat? Best Super Bowl ever. WOW!!! 


Happy Valentine’s Day. This year Ray and I are celebrating bigtime. We're going to WhatABurger for breakfast Valentine morning. I can't wait for their biscuits and gravy. Yum!

You know I love to hear your stories - tell me about one of your special Valentine’s Day gifts. For me, I still have a gift Ray bought me years ago. It’s a little pink bear and when you squeeze its tummy, it says, “You mean everything to me.” 

Now I'll explain the “Who Knew” in the title of my newsletter. The park we’re living in participates in a pool tournament. I signed up and never had a doubt I’d play on the B Team. I don’t know how, but I beat the three top contenders. Me and another lady played on the A Team. Who knew???

If the Chief's Super Bowl win excited me, their victory dimmed with my surprising wins. I wish I had a video of the games. I chuckled when I overheard one of the players say, “I knew Janetta was serious. She concentrated and was quiet.

The picture below is the poster my cousin made up for me before the tournament. FYI: We didn’t "kick butt"
, but fun was had by all.


This month I'm getting busy. The editing has begun on my latest novel. Yeah!!!

Until next time…


Janetta Fudge Messmer - Author of Christian Comedy

“Turning Life Into Comedy”

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