Monday, December 16, 2013


We've found life on the road is truly an adventure. You never know what might happen. And after hubby’s encounter at the grocery store the other day and a special treat we both received in Vegas last month—we've found angels do exist.

I’m actually living with one, but more on that later...

Our first experience with the pay it forward concept came at a random place we decided to stop for lunch in Las Vegas. We sat at the bar area next to a woman who was chatting to the bartender. My ears perked up when I heard her talking football.

Within seconds it was if we were best of friends, swapping stories about our favorite teams (now and in the past) while we ate pizza. Sometimes Ray added his two cents, but for the most part Louise and I carried the conversation.

After about 45 minutes Louise finished her lunch and gave the bartender her credit card. When he returned with the slip for her to sign he looked at us and said, “She picked up your tab too.”

To say we were shocked would have been an understatement. We thanked our new friend for her kindness and wished her safe travels home to San Diego. Ray and I finished and went on our way, blessed from someone’s generosity.

Our second pay it forward moment happened to Ray. He went on a bike ride and on his return trip he stopped at the grocery store (God bless him J). Anyway, he put the food on the counter to check out. The gentleman in front of him finished and went to walk away but stumbled. He would have fallen if Ray and another man hadn’t come to his rescue.

As Ray reached to help, he said the man smelled of alcohol. And when the man tried to walk again it was obvious he was very drunk. At that point Ray and the other man insisted on driving him home. He resisted, but soon realized they weren’t giving up.

Ray drove him home and the other man followed in his car. After getting him home safe and sound, Ray got in the other gentleman’s car and was taken back to the store. Once inside, Ray went to the same checkout stand he'd been at earlier and asked, “Did you put my groceries away?”

“No, sir, they’re still here and they’re free. Here you go,” The young lady said, handing him three bags.

“Free? Really? That’s very nice of you. Thank you.” Ray took the bags and headed home.

When Ray related the story to me later, he still appeared surprised by it all. And one thing he kept repeating, “We couldn’t let him drive. He could have killed someone or himself.”

I gave him a kiss and thanked him for his extra special act of kindness. But, honestly, it didn’t surprise me—he’s that kind of guy. Always wanting to help his fellow man.

So now that the Christmas season is upon us—what a perfect time to look for those opportunities to become someone’s angel. To bless an unsuspecting soul.

How about we look for that someone today?

Merry Christmas to all!!! And have a Happy 2014!!!


PS: More RV adventures to come next year.


Linda Kozar said...

Sweet story! Thanks for sharing, Janetta:)

Unknown said...

Yep...that's Ray! Good man.

Jennifer Griffith said...

What a wonderful story, Janetta! And WHAT an adventure you and Ray are on!!! Press on!

Jennifer Griffith said...

What a wonderful story, Janetta! And WHAT an adventure you and Ray are on!!! Press on!