Saturday, April 17, 2010


I don’t know about you, but I’m having fun, fun, fun with this poetry extravaganza. And as promised, today I’m featuring two more poems from fellow poets (who just happen to be my dear friends, too).



I give my penny-colored hair a final pat,
lean toward the mirror,
slick on my new lipstick, Burnished Copper.
I brush the shoulders of my blouse,
straighten the belt to my skirt,
check my front teeth
for lipstick smudges.

This is the night
I shed my role
of housewife
and mother,
hanging it up
as if it were
a favorite, old bathrobe
on a hook behind the door

and walk out an artist.

Written by: K. Franklin


You may call me a fool.
I’m still learning.
Life’s a school.

When the world weighs heavy,
Where do I go?
How to escape so flawed a soul?

Hidden in Christ.
I am redeemed.
Halleluiah, I am Redeemed!

Written by R. Leverett

Thanks for helping me spread the word about poetry today. Now I'm off to write Sunday's blog, then I'll take the Lord's advice and rest.

Love ya and happy reading,


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dwanreed said...

Love the poetry. Wish I had the talent to write in rhythm.