Wednesday, April 14, 2010


When something happens in my life, whether happy or sad, I write a poem. Poems help me express my true feelings about a situation. (YES,I’ve actually had to burn a few after reading them.) But in the end, I’ve learned something valuable about myself. And, if I allow others to read what I’ve penned, I believe the person has been given a glimpse into my soul.

But, before you think all of my poems are serious and soul searching. You are mistaken. Some tend toward humorous (surprise, surprise). My mother loved the one I wrote for her 80’s Birthday. “Elvis” did come and sing to her. Another one I wrote graced the wall in a little boy’s room. “Little Cowboy” came with a set of spurs. I even created a fun poem after my husband told me about his fantastic golf shot that day. “Pure Joy” brought a smile to R’s face.

Life brings us so much to write about. I’m beginning to wonder—do we need prompts? HA!!


His family and friends call him Mr. Ray.
He prefers Tiger Jr., but he’ll answer to T.J.
Each and every week, he and his golfing buds at T.S.A.
head to yet another course. A round of golf they play.
Today, they reach the 10th hole – a complicated par three.
Just 100 yards separates the hole from their tee.
T.J. fires with his most powerful and mighty swing.
Twenty-five feet from the hole, the tiny golf ball did cling.
He pulled out his trusty pitching wedge and zeroes in on the hill.
Knowing if he makes the shot, it would be his greatest thrill.
He shoots and to his delight the ball gracefully lands in the hole.
WOW! Unbelievable! A birdie. He’s achieves one of his goals.
At the Wedgewood Golf Course on July 28, 2004,
T.J. hears his friends cheer and the mighty crowd roar.
He bows and picks up his now-prized ball.
Tiger Jr. wonders if the P.G.A. will ever give him a call.

Love ya,

PS: Drum roll please!!! Remember to check in tomorrow, I have another treat in store for my faithful readers.

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