Wednesday, April 07, 2010


I don’t know about you, but I believe poetry is a glimpse into a person’s soul. Also, for me, writing poetry takes me on a journey. Sometimes it’s for needed healing. Other times the poem I come up with makes me smile.

Take the first poem I’m sharing with you today. I wrote "ON STAGE" two years ago using a Writer’s Digest prompt. Robert Lee Brewer asked us to write about your past.


Lights dim. The sanctuary came alive
with young children’s murmuring and
scurrying around the makeshift stage.
A voice announced the planned program.
Baton tapped to quiet the excited bunch.
Parents prayed for their own to shush up.
Rows of cherubs lined three or four high.
The smallest youngsters stood in front.
The chords of Jesus Loves Me rang out.
My parents said my hands fidgeted, playing
with the hem of my new frilly dress. At stanzas
end, I had bunched the hem almost to my chest.

"STORM" I penned from another WD prompt (write about a storm). Guess I took this one literally (HA!)


Raindrops begin to cascade,
Down in translucent sheets.
Much needed nourishment
Saturates the hardened earth.
Bright blossoms stand at attention,
Drinking in heaven’s pick-me-up.
Maple leaves move rhythmically,
With the storm’s steady stream.
God’s refreshment they receive
As each dance in perfect harmony.
Soon Glory’s light show moves away,
Leaving fragments of its fury behind.
But I’m safe, nestled in His loving arms.
Tranquility fills the evening breeze.

Hope you enjoyed my poems. I’ve got lots more where those came from. I do love poetry!!

Love ya,

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