Wednesday, June 01, 2016


While boondocking on a driveway in Virginia, my eyes were opened. I found out we’re not on the road to sell books (yes, that’s important too), but hubby and I are traveling the highways and byways to meet people (and their pets - see Mattie and Maggie below). 

We're on the road:

To interact with men, women and children the Lord put on our path.

To bless them anyway we can (tightening a loose gate, talking about old times or laughing at how much we’re alike in our differences).

To enjoy the blessing they’ve been to our lives, even for a short time.

And, speaking of blessing – have a blessed day!!!

PS: Definition of Boondocking (if you’re interested): It is free camping, normally out in the boondocks. Sometimes someone will let you park on their property. Most times there are no hookups, just a place to stay at no charge. 

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