Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Most of you know my hubby, pooch and I live in an RV for a good part of the year. And we’ve done it now for almost four years.

I’m certain some of you are saying, “How have you done it without inflicting bodily harm on the person who occupies the teeny tiny square footage with you? I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have lasted a week.”

Yes, living in close quarters can be difficult. But I think I’ve found a solution. One day I had a thought. Was I looking at this all wrong? Was there a solution to our size-challenged abode? Could it be as simple as changing my attitude in my place of residence?

I believe a change in attitude IS the answer - wherever you live. In an RV, an apartment or ginormous mansion. For me, I asked the Lord for an ample supply of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness and an extra measure of self-control.

Adding these attributes made our journey much more joyful. And as you can see – this advice will work for whatever size home you live in.  



PS: Always enjoy the journey. Yep, I think I’ll adopt this as our new motto. What do you think???
PSS: My new book, Early Birds, is available at: https://goo.gl/qCkT45 

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