Wednesday, June 08, 2016


This picture verifies I'm near Lake Tionesta in Pennsylvania, but on my Facebook page it welcomed me to Nebraska. Huh! Mr. Zuckerman, or whoever runs your business, needs to learn their geography.

I thought it strange they'd place me in the Midwestern state, but it also got me thinking how our pesky GPS seems to send us on roads less traveled or quits working entirely...right when we needed it the most.




Hubby’s response to MapQuest, “You better get us back on track or I’m tossing you out the window.”

He doesn’t follow through, even when the screen continues to say the annoying words. But I know he wants to. Instead, he tells me to put the directions in my phone and in short order we’re off on the road again.

I wonder if that’s how the Lord feels about us. He tries to talk to us and what do we do?

We recalculate.

We reason He couldn’t be telling us to go in that direction.

We assume He’d never ask us to go talk to a complete stranger.

Maybe instead of recalculating, we need to be still and listen for His small voice. 

I'm certain He’ll take us in the RIGHT direction.


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