Thursday, March 24, 2016


            My homework for my Florida writing class told me to write about coping with change. I said, “Nary a problem. I like change. Those new adventures. Look at me, I live in an RV for most of the year. In the wintertime – I’m in a park model in the Sunshine State.

Doesn’t get any better than that, does it?

Change. I’m coping just fine. Or so I thought…

January 2016 changed my thinking on how well I cope with change. And the GREAT news I received ripped me out of my comfort zone. Limb, by limb, by ever-loving limb.

I’m hearing the words I’ve longed to hear that a publisher wanted my manuscript, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to let it go and told my hubby, “Ray, I can’t send it yet. I have to go through it one more time. Do that Find and Replace thing with those extra words I’m not supposed to use. Example: was, that, think—”

“Hon, I get the idea. As Moses said, “Let my people go. In your case it’s ‘let your manuscript go.’”

As most of you know I did ‘let my book go’. But the whirlwind since Early Birds came out has made me realize I’m not as outgoing as I once thought. Hocking my wares (books) in front of people at craft fairs and stepping out to do the ‘Publishdom’ Party at the park we live in Florida has almost sent me over the edge.

But through all of fear of putting myself out in front of people and telling them about my book I’ve realized three things:

1)      It hasn’t killed me.
2)      I haven’t lost any limbs.
3)      I’m having the time of my life.

Guess you can say I’m coping with change and loving the journey the Lord has put me (us) on.


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PS: And if any of you have marketing ideas on ways to sell books, let me know – I’ll consider everything.


Marty Leake said...

It was really great meeting a fellow writer, and full-time RV'er. I will follow your journey and I have downloaded your novel.

My blog site address is;


Janetta Messmer said...

Enjoyed talking to you today. Marty, enjoy your journey in whatever you do and maybe we'll catch up with each other on the road. I will check out your blog and keep up with you too!!! Hope you enjoy Early Birds and please leave a review (good, bad or indifferent :))