Monday, September 30, 2013


Most of you know we’ve already arrived in Colorado, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you how our big adventure began.

Sunday morning we hooked the RV to the dually. We prayed our prayers for safe travel. And we headed out on the road…but FIRST we had to put the RV in storage (explanation later).

We got to the place we’d rented and I jumped out of the truck to begin directing my hubby and RV in for a safe and secure landing.

Or so we thought.

Ray inched forward at a snail’s pace. Then it happened. The A/C unit on the roof of our RV hit the top of the door. The loud scrapping noise that sounded caused my calm, cool and collected arm movements to resemble a crazed lunatic.

I had one mission in mind. STOP THE BUS (or in our case RV), which Ray did. Then he backed up our rig and got out of the truck to survey the scene. Even with his uncanny ingenuity at solving difficult problems – nothing short of letting the air out of the tires would solve this dilemma. It was official – we needed to locate another storage unit.

Now, I pretty sure some of you are scratching your head and mumbling under your breath. “I thought these wayward travelers were taking their 5th wheel and hitting the highways and byways. Why are they putting their RV in storage?”

We decided instead of hauling the 5th wheel to Colorado then back to Florida, where we’re spending the winter, we’d leave it in Houston. Then, while we’re in Colorado, we’d stay with family and friends.

It’s funny - this scenario seemed logical when we came up with it. But while in search of another place to park our RV I was about ready to tell Ray to take it down to Florida a couple of months early.

I’m happy to report we didn’t have to do that – we found another storage unit and our RV fit perfectly in its new home. The happy travelers (Ray, Maggie and me) were once more on the road to Colorado.

Stay tuned for more of our adventures…



Linda Kozar said...

Ah, the trials and tribulations of travel! Janetta, I would expect nothing less from you, my friend! I know you and Ray have some fun and funny adventures ahead of you!

Annette O'Hare said...

Well I had no idea you went off on your big adventure and left your rig behind! Nevertheless I'm glad to hear the three of your are having fun in a big way regardless of the fact that you left your RV behind. When you do take off in your RV and you get a chance you need to watch the movie RV with Robin Williams. Then you three can sing the song about the Great Big Rollin Turd! Love ya!