Monday, May 03, 2010


On three different occasions, in the past two days, I've heard (or read) "Be still, and know I'm God." The first reference came yesterday morning during the sermon on Sacred Silence. Later in the day I heard it while watching a video. Today, I read a devotional, and there it was again. Do you think Someone is trying to tell me something?

YES! And I heard the words loud and clear.

I know there is too much noise around me. And it's not only the stuff blaring in my ears or me talking too much. I believe busyness is another noise interrupting my life.

Seems I must be doing something at all times. If I'm not working on the computer, I'm playing a game. When I tire of Mah Jongg, I flip on the boob tube and watch the shows I've taped.

Seldom do I take a quiet moment to be still. Reflect on His word. His creation. Listen for His voice. Instead, constant clatter keeps me from stillness.

Webster defines STILLNESS as: 1) not or hardly moving. 2) with little or no sound; calm and tranquil. 3) hushed; stilled.

Oh, how I crave stillness. Today, I think I'll give it a try. Does anyone want to come along?

Love ya,

PS: I'm curious - how do you find stillness in your busy life??


Jeanette Sharp said...

I love your blog

Annette O'Hare said...

Nettie, I think God is calling all of us to listen up! I just blogged about how God got Balaam's attention by allowing his donkey to speak. I've found one of the quietest most peaceful places is while I'm driving my car. I've started turning off the radio, emptying my mind and giving God the opportunity to speak to me.