Monday, July 06, 2009


Today our excursion takes us on the road again to Baltimore's Inner Harbor. A mere 60 miles from Herndon. Amazing that a whole other state is just a little over an hour away. Tad different from Texas, I’d say.

And, as usual, our trips come with a delay or funny (this is a little of both). The fact is I should leave my coffee cup at the apartment. But noooooooo I bring it along and swig it down like I have a Porta Potty in the back seat (we didn’t buy that Hyundai model). Even these short distances cause me problems.

R. (ever so kind) takes an exit which boasts of a Shell station. On our off-the-freeway run, not a gas station is found. He turns the car around and gets back on I-495. As he merges, the VERY next sign announces a rest area and a visitor’s center a half mile away. Glory Hallelujah. There is a God in heaven and He heard his daughter’s cries.

Now we’re ready to visit Baltimore's Inner Harbor.

The city skyline welcomes us.

We park and spot the Visitor’s Center and go in and get a map of the area and start walking. I don’t believe we went two blocks and hunger pangs hit R. And since I'm never one to turn down a meal, I follow and order a slice of pizza. When it comes it’s hanging over the side of the plate. It’s the biggest slice of pizza I’ve ever seen and I consume most of it.

With energy to burn, we take off again.

First stop Camden Yards (in baseball lingo that’s the Baltimore Orioles stadium) and another landmark I can check off my list. As we stroll around the perimeter R. notices plaques embedded in the cement. I stop and notice they are there to mark where players have hit it out of the park. COOL!!!

After our self-guided tour of the Orioles stadium, we take off and walk around town. Thank goodness for the breeze off the water and shade trees (both make our looooonnnnnggggg stroll more enjoyable).

While on our extended walk, I see a woman with a stroller on the other side of the street and she’s heading the opposite direction from us. We cross the street and there on the sidewalk is a pink teddy bear. Without much thought, I ran after the woman, thinking the stuffed animal belongs to her child.

As I get closer to the woman, I say, “Ma'am. Ma’am.” She doesn’t turn. I try again. She still keeps going. Finally I yell, “Lady with the stroller.” She stops and looks at me like I’m some kind of lunatic. I ask her if her child lost their teddy bear. The woman answers “no” and turns and walks away.

Sometimes my good deeds work out and sometimes they don’t. This time not so much. R. props up the abandoned bear by a tree and we continue our travels, but my heart hurts for the little one who lost his or her buddy.

Soon after my trek to save Mr. Teddy, I’m hot – and God bless R. when he spies a place for refreshment. Good excuse for us to get into air-conditioning and rest our weary feet. Did I mention shopping??

But, thank goodness, I didn’t buy anything because our next stop – a climb up some pretty steep steps to an overlook to take a picture of the harbor. Breathtaking scenery!

On our way down, we decide to take the path, but soon R. gets bored of the sensible and wants to get down quicker. He heads down the grass and urges me to do the same. Need I say that going downhill is the part of hiking I hate? People, I’m afraid I’ll trip and roll down the mountain (in this case – a hill) and die (melodramatic-I know). R. reminds me to take slow, easy steps and I make it to the bottom alive and all in one piece.

And at the bottom is a gallery with this mosaic wall glistening in the sunlight. The bus parked in back is also covered with mosaic tile. Love all the creatures on the hood (see picture below). Maybe R. and I will buy a bus and create our own masterpiece on wheels. Just a thought.

I want to check out the interesting gallery, but we don’t have enough time.

We have a boat to catch for a dinner cruise and we’re starving. The Spirit is supposed to take off at 7:00, but for some reason it’s delayed. At 7:15 we find out why. A wedding took place on the upper deck and we’re invited to take part in the couple’s wedding reception. What a surprise!!!

An evening to remember – fabulous food, dancing the night away and a spectacular sunset.

Better scoot for now, but talk to all of you next week in another Back East Bloglog.

Love ya,

PS: And I promise no more mention of pitstops or pitfalls in the upcoming blogs. . .Yeah right, nettie - who are you trying to kid?


Janice Thompson said...

I'm so jealous! Seriously, I'm thrilled you're having such a good time. I was looking at your profile bio and it says something about "traveling through my fifties" and I thought, "Yeah, she's traveling all right!" What fun. And about that teddy bear story.... don't you know that no good deed goes unpunished? That's what I've always heard, anyway.

Annette O'Hare said...

That sounds like so much fun. Were you being sarcastic about having fun at a wedding reception? I would have been. Ha, not my favorite thing. I would have loved the boat excursion though!