Monday, June 01, 2009

Sights! Sounds! Scenery! (and Sonic!!)

Since R. is off on weekends (for the time being), we’re on the road again every chance we get and the funnies keep finding us at every twist and turn of the highways.

Fredericksburg, VA: Here we find the Visitor’s Center and right off they ask if we want to take the city tour. If we do—the trolley’s waiting. I nod but ask, ‘where is the ladies room?”

The Visitor’s Center lady points me in the right direction and alerts the driver to wait for us. I make my much needed pit stop and then board the trolley. Without looking up, I know all eyes are zeroed in on me-the person holding up their tour. I smile as I take my seat and in my most confident Toastmasters voice announce to the driver, “you can start the tour now.”

He maneuvers the trolley to different spots where battles of the Civil War took place and points out famous homes to us. One in particular was where George Washington’s mother lived.

I glance over at R. during the tour to see if he's having as much fun as I am and he’s napping. Guess reliving all this history is too much excitement for him to handle in one afternoon.

After the trolley ride and a little bit of shopping, we’re on the road again.

We have another important stop to make. Sonic is calling my (our) name. YES, you read that correctly. We love their cherry limeades, but couldn’t find one in the Herndon area. A Google search found the nearest one a mere fifty miles away in Fredricksburg (where we are at the moment).

Without GPS or address, we drive aimlessly around town searching for our favorite refreshment. R. finally pulls into a convenience store and gets an address (like that will help us on unfamiliar roads), but Praise the Lord we locate Sonic and our thirst is quenched and our weekend trip comes to a close.

The next opportunity to travel on the road again takes us to LEESBURG, VA. There we stop for lunch before driving to see the Morven Mansion. They wouldn’t let us inside because it’s being renovated (oh, how I hate when that happens), but thought you might like seeing what I hope my next house looks like.

With more places to see we head to WINCHESTER, VA and stop at the Visitor’s Center. For some reason I’m thinking the Appalachian Trail (another place I've always wanted to visit) is just around the corner. It’s not. R. and I check out the map the woman gives us and find that the Shenandoah National Park is a tad farther than our time allows today. This will be a trip for another weekend.

But on our way out of town, R. spies a cemetery (this is the entrance). Never seen him get so excited. As I drive up each row, he yells out dates on the tombstones. Some of the early ones (dated back to 1700’s) we can barely read, but others from the 1800’s are easier to make out. This astounds me that the etching has stayed for generations.

Our travels continue and on our way back to Herndon we stumble onto a treasure in the tiny little town of MIDDLESBURG, VA. In the middle of town sits the The Red Fox Inn (see, which has been in operation (non-stop) since 1728.

We decide to check out the historic inn. Maybe have dinner (if it’s not toooooo expensive). The hostess greets us and shows us a menu. Prices are within reason (and I’m hungry) and she seats us next to the bar, mentioning that it was used as a table to operate on soldiers during the Civil War (good to know-hope they’ve disinfected it since then).

Our waitress comes over and R. asks about their beers. One catches my fancy–Dead Guy Ale. Could you turn down something named that? I couldn’t. When the bottle arrives—I read it. The label states it’s for the rogue in all of us – (funny, no one ever told me - HA!)

We order and while we enjoy our fare of fried chicken and a cheeseburger, the hostess comes over and gives us more history of The Red Fox Inn. Her narration brings the old place to life and we ask her if we can sneak a peak at one of the rooms when we’re done. Much to my surprise, she says yes.

After we finish eating and pay our bill, the young lady hands us a key and upstairs to the third floor we go. As we enter, light streams through the dormer windows and highlights the antique furnishings inside. A step stool stands ready to help guests get into their bed at the end of a busy day. Lace doilies adorn the end tables and bureau. I’m ready to go back downstairs and check-in, but know we have to head home. Tomorrow is another work day for Mr. R. and I need to finish this blog.

If we venture on Hwy. 50 again, we’ll be sure to time it just right to stay at The Red Fox Inn.

Love ya,

PS: More sights – sounds – scenery to come in our Back East Bloglog. Maybe even another Sonic sighting. Never know.


Linda Kozar said...

Sounds like you and Ray are tearing up that town, girlfriend! Miss you:)

Caleb's mom said...

I love keeping in touch with you this way. Thanks so much for sharing the view. I'm learning some things, too. Names of beer they sale in Virginia . . . ☺

Annette O'Hare said...

Next time you should take paper and crayons to do headstone etchings. So how was the beer? You didn't mention how great it was. LOL!