Thursday, August 23, 2007

Never Too Old

I attended a funeral of a friend today. Normally sadness fills the faces of the one's paying respect, but today I noticed radiant smiles. I knew each were remembering how the 93 year old man brightened their day by just wheeling in on his little red cart. The big grin on Henry's face told us he was glad to see us.

Henry lived every day to its fullest. I don't believe he wasted a second God gave him. He liked to share some of his experiences with us in his writer's groups. We loved hearing each and every story he wrote. Listening to him read, and then witnessing his tears as they trickled down his cheeks, put my troubles into perspective. I no longer felt sorry for myself.

Henry lived his life as a true reflection of the Lord. Never shy in his sharing of his beliefs with others. Honestly, I don't think he cared if he might not be "politically" correct. His philosophy - he had a message and he was going to proclaim it.

Henry lived and I'm glad I could call him my friend. Boy, am I going to miss him, but my life's forever changed because I knew him.


PS: You're never too old - start living today!!!!!

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